Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix, also known as the Urgency-Importance Matrix, is a simple two-by-two matrix that helps prioritise work based on their urgency and importance. Work is divided into four categories: Urgent and Important, Important but Not Urgent, Urgent but Not Important, and Not Urgent or Important.


Prioritisation - Eisenhower Matrix

ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis is a prioritisation pattern that categorises work into three groups: A, B, and C. Work in the A category are the most important and urgent, while work in the C category are the least important and can be postponed.


Prioritisation - ABC 

Critical Path Method (CPM)

The Critical Path Method is a pattern that helps prioritise work based on its dependencies. It helps to determine the minimum amount of time required to complete a work by identifying the critical path, which is the sequence of tasks that must be completed on time for the work to be successfully completed.


Prioritisation - CPM