Capture high level data requirements
in 30 minutes
using a shared language


Stop boiling the ocean, learn to capture data requirements in a repeatable way, so your stakeholders love them and data teams can build from them

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The course is designed to train your team as a collaborative cohort, we schedule the course to suit your team


How many times have you heard this?

“Thats not what I wanted”

“But thats what you asked for!”

Does your team struggle with these things?

Your stakeholders and your data team seem to be speaking very different languages. You have to be the translator, but you don’t have a shared language you can consistently use!

Gathering data requirements takes to long. You are constantly asked if you are done yet!

The process of gathering data requirements is not fun for you or your stakeholders. Nobody wants to turn up to yet another long winded requirements gathering workshop!

Your stakeholders needs and your data requirements are full of ambiguity. You need a template you can use that makes it clear, concise and gets instant feedback!

Your data team cannot work out what to build from the data requirements you capture. You need to give them everything they need, but not a plethora of detail they don’t!

Your data requirements are full of the what, but not the why. You feel like a data order taker not a business enabler!

You capture screeds of detailed data requirements that are never used. You need to focus on what is important and ignore the rest, but don’t know how!

In this course your team will learn how to solve these problems by using the Information Product Canvas pattern to gather data requirements in 30 minutes or less, using a shared language.

Help your team understand, design and deliver the information a stakeholder really needs.

Once your team have used the Information Product Canvas pattern with your stakeholders, you will find stakeholders will often start the requirements process by bringing a draft of the completed canvas with them. Magic!

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The course is delivered virtually in a single 4 hour session, we schedule the course to suit your team


This course is designed to help

AgileData Lead

Business Analysts

who are gathering data requirements on behalf of their data teams

AgileData Business Analyst

Data Product Managers

who need to define and prioritise the data work coming up

AgileData Decision Maker

Data Analysts

who want to agree upfront the outcome of the work they are about to do for their stakeholder

AgileData Decision Maker

Data Engineers

who are sick of getting data requirements they can’t build from
AgileData Lead

Data Leaders

AgileData Business Analyst

Agile Coaches

who want to add a new pattern to their coaching toolkit

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The course is priced at USD $4,000 for up to 12 attendees, we can extend to 20 attendees by negotiation


What you will learn from this course

Deliver the data elephant one bite at a time

Learn how to capture requirements for an Information Product, with your stakeholders, and in 30 minutes, which your data the team can deliver in days or weeks.

Stop boiling the ocean and creating data requirements upfront that will take the team months or years to deliver.

A shared language

Learn a data requirements language that both your stakeholders and your data teams can understand.

No more trying to convert “I want to understand the total value of orders last year” into “Dim Order, Dim Time, Daily Order Value Fact” in your head or writing two diff req docs.

Visually collaborate with your stakeholders

Learn how to fill out the Information Product Canvas in front of your stakeholders, so they can validate their requirements as you capture them.

No more sending off a document that sits in their in-box and only gets reviewed at the last minute (or not at all).

Help prioritise whats important

Learn how to create data requirements stakeholders can understand at a glance and use to compare the different investment options, before they prioritise them.

No more prioritisation by gut feel or based only on the opinion of the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person).

Capture both the what and the why

Learn how to elicit and capture the actions and outcomes the stakeholders want to achieve with the data they are requesting.

Move from being a data order taker to becoming a trusted analyst, data product owner or data leader who can help achieve meaningful business outcomes.

A repeatable pattern you can teach your team

Learn a pattern you can teach the rest of your data team, so they can do the data work with you.

Don’t continue to be the bottleneck in the process, or continuously working months in advance of your team so you aren’t. Working together to solve problems is so much more fun.

Feel the rush of delivering value often and early

Learn a great way to gather data requirements by defining them in small chunks, then delivering the Information Products to your consumers as you go, then rinse and repeat.

No more putting in the hard effort upfront and never getting to see the success that results.

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Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson

AgileData Coach

Creator of the Information Product Canvas, 10+ years coaching data and analytics teams

I have spent over 10 years coaching data and analytics teams on how to combine agile, product and data patterns to craft their own ways of working.

When coaching teams I often train them on common patterns that help them solve specific problems.

One of those patterns I have created and iterated over the last 10 years is using the Information Product Canvas as a way of repeatably gathering data requirements using a shared language.

This pattern has been iterated in conjunction with teams and companies of all sizes and shapes. It really is a thing of beauty.

I have spent over 30 years working in the data and analytics domain, and in a myriad of roles, but we won’t talk about that.

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We use a combination of Google Meet and Miro to help your team collaborate, we schedule the course to suit your team


Course Syllabus

Time Commitment

The course is run as a 4 hour in-person virtual course.


Before the course starts you are provided with a detailed article explaining the data requirements gathering pattern using the Information Product Canvas, a completed Persona template and the course case study scenario.

You should read these in your own time before we start the course together.

Information Product Canvas Overview

We start with an overview of a completed Information Product Canvas example to explain the what, why and how we capture data requirements.

Hands On

You then break out into groups and complete the first two areas in the canvas, based on the case study. 

We regroup for Q&A to answer any questions you may have.

Next we rinse and repeat, breaking out into our groups, completing areas of the canvas, then Q&A

Review Canvas Examples

We present a sample of complete Information Product Canvas and discuss and review them, highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly whie describing the context behind each canvas.

This provides you with real life examples to provide further context.

We all yell Whoot! and Carry On

We finish the session with an overall Q&A to answer any outstanding questions you may have.

Then you experiment with the canvas next time you need to capture data requirements at your organisaion.

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We can run the course for up to 20 attendees, reach out to discuss the cost for your larger team


Learn by doing, together

AgileData---Information-Product-Canvas-v3 - Example

Virtual and In-Person

This course is run virtually, using Google Meet and Miro.  The course is not pre-recorded, Shane facilitates the course in-person.

Active hands-on learning

50% of this course is you working in small groups, completing the Canvas, so you can learn by doing.

Interactive and case study based

You will follow a case study, to give you the inputs you need and help guide you though the process, based on the real world.

Regular Q&A

After completing each area of the Canvas, a question and answers session provides an opportunity for constant feedback and support.

1:1 Canvas Review

An optional 1:1 review session with Shane, provides a review and feedback session for the first canvas you complete for your organisation.

Max 20 focussed learners

We cap each course cohort at 20 people to ensure you get the focus and information you need to be successful.

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  • Designed to be run privately for an organisations data team
  • Single 4 hour virtual session
  • Delivered using Google Meet and Miro
  • In-person instructor, no pre-recorded content
  • USD $4,000 for upto 12 attendees
  • A maximum of 20 attendees by negotation
  • Scheduled to suit your teams timezone


Frequently Asked Questions

How much face time will I get with Shane?

Shane delivers this course virtually in-person.

Your team will learn directly from him, and will have ample opportunities to ask questions and interact with both Shane and your wider team.

What is the expected time commitment for my team?

The course requires 4 hours of your teams time.

We schedule the course to suit your team, their timezone and their workload.

Will the course be recorded?


A large portion of the course is learning how to complete the Information Product Canvas by doing the work together in break out groups.

Data teams often discuss examples from their organisations as part of completing the Information Product Canvas and it is important that they can do this in a private and confidential space.

What if I have less than 12 attendees?

We had a bunch of choices on how we could charge for this course.

We chose to fix price it to make it simple.

If your team is less than 12, we still think the price is excellent value.

You could also reach out to other teams in your organisaiton to see if they wanted to attend, the more the merrier we say!

What is the refund policy?

We won’t refund your money, but we are happy to reschedule your teams course if something urgent comes up.

AgileData---Information-Product-Canvas-v3 - Example