AgileData Courses

Virtual in-person courses to help you adopt an AgileData way of working faster.

We have compiled a set of course material that we regularly use to train individuals and teams within organisations.  We offer paid public and private versions of these course.


AgileData 101

As a data professional I need to understand this thing called agile and how we can apply it ot the data domain we work in

Data Requirements Gathering

As a member of an agile data team I need to understand how we can gather usable requirements without having to do “big requirements upfront”

Data Warehouse in a Day

As a person who is new to the data domain need to understand the concept of a data warehouse and I prefer to learn by doing

AgileData Coaching Toolkit

As a agile data coach I want to extend my toolkit with addtional patterns I can use to coach my data teams

Crafting a Data Blueprint

As an internal or external data consultant I want to extend my toolkit with ways to create a data blueprint in an agile way