AgileData Way of Working

An agile way of working leverages widely used agile approaches to describe good practices and processes for recurring team problems using a common language

Conceptual approaches from the agile world can be applied in concrete use cases regardless of the agile “methodology” used. Reusable approaches are useful because they:

    • represent proven solutions to common problems;
    • organise solutions into a standard and easily referenced format;
    • can be adopted and implemented by most practitioners who work in the data and analytics domain;
    • can be used to ensure consistency in how teams work together;
    • provide a shared language for specific problems and potential solutions.

We have taken the approaches and patterns we have adopted or crafted with our customers over the last 10 years and are articulating them using a book pattern.

We are taking an agile approach to writing the book content and so are publishing the content early and as we develop it.  You should expect the content structure to constantly change over time.

We welcome early and constant feedback as all agilist’s should.


Have an agile data approach to share

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