In an AgileData Way of Working the AgileData team are responsible and accountable to prioritise the work of tasks that are to be done. They are focused on the operational and personal levels of prioritisation.

AgileData teams are responsible for prioritising tasks to be done because they are the one`s who have the best understanding of what it would take to deliver the information needed to achieve the actions and outcomes stated in the Information Product Canvas.

Patterns from the agile domain are based on the principles of collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. These principles require that the team be empowered to make decisions about how to prioritise work, rather than relying on a top-down approach from management.

AgileData teams may work based on a pattern of short iterations, typically lasting one to four weeks, or they may use a flow based pattern to manage their work. The team prioritises the work to be done based on the prioritisation pattern that best matches the way they flow their work. The team collaborates to identify the most critical tasks and features that need to be completed to achieve the stated actions and outcomes. By prioritising tasks in this way, the team can focus on delivering the highest value to the stakeholders and consumers in the shortest amount of time.

Allowing the agile team to prioritise tasks also promotes ownership and accountability within the team. When team members are involved in the prioritisation process, they are more invested in the success of the delivery and more likely to take ownership of their tasks. This can lead to a greater sense of motivation and satisfaction, which can improve the overall quality of the work.