Persona Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to add an image or icon to the Persona Template?


Using images to visualise Personas is a little contentious in the product domain.

An image in a persona template can be useful in a few ways:

  • It helps to humanise the persona and make it feel more relatable. This can make it easier for team members to understand and empathise with the persona’s needs, goals, and pain points.

  • An image can help to quickly convey important demographic information, such as age, gender, or profession.

  • An image can also help to anchor the persona in a specific context, such as a workplace or home environment, which can help to make the persona feel more realistic and tangible.

  • Using an image also helps to increase the chances that the team will remember the persona and refer to it regularly, which is important for keeping the persona’s needs and goals top-of-mind throughout the project.

  • It can help to break the ice and make the persona discussion more engaging by providing a visual representation of the persona, it can be used as a starting point for discussion, which can help to encourage more open and honest conversation.