When to create or iterate an Data Product documentation

Like a lot of artefacts you create and update as part of your AgileData WOW, the Data Product canvas and documentation is updated multiple times as you progress through the delivery process. Each time more detail is added as you discover and document it.

There are four major stages where the Data Product documentation is updated.

  1. Gather, Size & Prioritise
  2. Estimation and commitment planning
  3. Build Design
  4. As Built

Gather, Size & Prioritise
The initial version of the Data Product canvas is created, with the minimal amount of detail required. This allows a high-level estimate of effort to build the Data Products to be t-shirt sized and the Data Products to be prioritised.

The gathering, sizing and prioritising enables the Data Product roadmap/backlog to be populated.

Estimation and commitment planning
The Data Product brief is updated with more detail to enable it to be sized using story points during the backlog refinement. The aim is to ensure it can be delivered within the timeframe that is expected.

Build Design
The Data Product brief is updated with enough detail to enable the team to start building. This is typically done at the beginning of the sprint process, in conjunction with the Vision, BEAM and wireframing workshops.

As Built
The Data Product brief is finally updated as an as-built document to confirm what the team delivered.